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At TA-DA!™ we believe that finishing your degree should be your top priority. Helping graduate students complete their thesis or dissertation is our primary mission.

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December, 2008
Get The Knowledge You Need to Avoid Grad School Pitfalls

November, 2008
I Have An Academic Advisor but.....should I get an academic coach or therapist/counselor?

October, 2008
How to Complete a Dissertation With the Help of Family and Friends

September, 2008
How to Write a Thesis or Dissertation Using Academic Language

August, 2008
Scientific Writing: The Six Burner Stove

July, 2008
Dispelling the Myths About Writing a Thesis or Dissertation

June, 2008
Do It Now: Conquering Procrastination

May, 2008
10 Tips Help You Overcome Writer's Block

April, 2008
Reading the Subtle Signs: Are You Being Encouraged to Throw in the Towel?

March, 2008
Finish Your Thesis or Dissertation by Working Your Way Backwards

February, 2008
Tick Tock, Tick Tock: Keeping Up With Your Cohort

January, 2008
No More Excuses:
Resources to Help You Reach Your Goal

"Dr. Carter,

I have appreciated your newsletter during my dissertation journey. Yesterday, I successfully defended and completed the program. My recommendation is that, any graduate student who needs a prospective, and retrospective knowledge source, subscribe to your Finishline newsletter; a great mentor. I wish that I found it earlier in my dissertation journey.



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